COVID-19 is highly transmittable and can spread easily from person to person, even before developing symptoms. The virus lingers on respiratory droplets which transmits when we talk, sneeze and cough, however, they can only travel up to six feet and that’s why keeping a 6 foot social distance is imperative at this time. 

Keeping a social distance might seem impossible when you aren’t showing any symptoms, but with the evidence that some people can test positive for COVID-19 and


never show symptoms, we all must be diligent and stay safe, as if we are all infected with the virus.

The thing we humans are better at than any other species on the planet is getting organized around something we believe in. Like Religion, 4th of July, Capitalism, Sports, Activism, you name it.  

Gathering in large numbers and sports are a big deal for everyone on the planet a the Self Report Pass solution uses technology to do all we can to stop COVID when gathering in large numbers. 

This is how it works. 

  • Event organizers send out an email invitation with a link to take a symptom survey 24 hours prior to the event.

  • Once the survey is successfully completed attendees are issued a QR Code they save for when they arrive at the event. 

  • Once scanned their attendance is recorded for contact tracing purposes and an access controlled area is maintained for scanned attendees.


This is a responsible and to fight the spread of COVID and demonstrate we have self-organized, and we have a solution to gather in large numbers.  


It will be a brave step to openly gather and be subject to scrutiny, but if those who judge are willing to learn more they will find a well planned approach is in place.  

If Americans can invent the cell phone and resume air travel after 911, we can stop this suffocating disease from spreading. This is not the land of shelter in place and cancel everything; this is the land of the brave and home of the free.  


We are the United States of America and we believe in Freedom