the solution

Uses Existing Technology

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The Self Report Pass feels like checking in for a flight 24-hours prior to departure.  Get email reminder, click on the link, answers some survey questions and receive a boarding pass.  Pass through security and away you go. 

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Doing What You Can

COVID quarantine lasts 2 weeks and for most symptoms are mild.  Most will survive, but for some it is a long battle to survive and some don’t make it.  Vigilance starts with honest self-assessment, face coverings and maintaining social distance. 

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Keeps the Virus at Home

By having attendees do a COVID-19 health screening at home rather than when they arrive, helps stop the spread. 

Fast and Paperless

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A scan takes 2 seconds between phones at distance of 1-2 feet. The app provides a time/date attendance log and collects survey results without pen or paper.   

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Contact Tracing

Taking attendance is the key to knowing who we need to contact if someone gets sick and its determined the gather event was in that window of transmission. 

What it doesn't do 

No GPS Tracking, keeping you in control of your privacy.

Does not diagnose a high temperature or any disease.

Is not a medical device or medical treatment approved by the FDA.

Does not eliminate all human error or fraud. 

coming soon...

Version 2.0 

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Demonstrating Compliance

The app is an excellent solution to retain daily screenings and provide a record of compliance should those with authority inquire.

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Personal COVID Health Records

The app also serves as an electronic file for all COVID-19 related health documents such as positive or negative COVID-19 test results, anti-body tests, and immunizations issued by authorized health organizations.  These documents can be uploaded, scanned, displayed and shared via the app should the need arise. 

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Building Access Privileges Suspended

For buildings equipped with access control doors and the survey determines someone has symptoms, the privileges for that employee's card can be suspended until a negative test is produced, quarantine is completed, and/or Doctor’s note provided.  

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24/7 Green Status

The end goal is immunity and a total restoration of our freedom to gather and resume travel. Once immunizations start Green Status should be granted 24/7 until the next COVID season arrives where our vigilance will be needed again.