Paul McMullen

"Action is the foundation of all success." 

-Pablo Picasso

The inventor of the Self Report Pass consulted with several experts from the medical field, legal counselors and big data analysts. He listened and sought input from each which contributed to the solution presented before you. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life and these are unpredictable times at best. It's forced us to start new routines such as wearing masks in public, maintaining six feet distnace and monitoring ourselves for symptoms.  


As a 1996 Olympian, Paul McMullen was saddened to see the 2020 Olympics postponed until 2021 and it forced him to coach his youth track club athletes over Zoom calls for most of March to the beginning of June.  Entire sports schedules were cancelled and there appeared to be no safe way to resume gathering for sports competitions. 


As a sales engineer he has made a career of solving complicated problems for customers by using a wide range of life experiences.  It is clear COVID-19 isn’t going away and a solution to was needed to do all we can to remain safe while gathering for an event.  With this in mind his team used it experience from developing an award winning app, TruthLocker seven years ago and he and his wife Nuria, born in Spain, knew this app was a risk they needed to take. He has hired the Core Insight Group out of Philadelphia who he has worked with before and have delivered a solution on July 26th, 2020.

Mobile App Awards

  • Nov. 2013 Winner TEDx Orange Coast Best Teen App accepted by TruthLocker, COO, Brian Buehler  

  • Oct. 2013 Winner IMA Impact Award Best New App presented to TruthLocker

  • Oct. 2013 Winner IMA Impact Award Best Visual Media Tool, “How it Works Video.”